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About us

With more than forty years of diagnostic imaging experience, Women’s & Breast Imaging is committed to providing our patients with the very best in definitive diagnostic imaging.

Using the latest technology, in an environment designed with the utmost attention to patient care, comfort and privacy, Women’s & Breast Imaging delivers a leading edge service that is renowned for both its diagnostic accuracy and its timely delivery of results.

Our practice is located in Cottesloe. Our resident specialised radiologists, Dr Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito heads up a team of courteous, experienced and all-female radiographers and sonographers.

The scope of our clinical experience, our technical and operational excellence, and our constant attention to upgrading our training and equipment is demonstrated by the high regard in which we are held by the medical and the broader community.

Women’s & Breast Imaging’s dedicated staff members believe in combining personalised care with world-class imaging techniques to establish a relationship with our patients that is based on trust, compassion and reliability.

Our goal is to maintain a level of excellence that is commensurate with our ideals of dedication and patient care as part of our commitment to both our esteemed referring physicians and our patients.