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Women’s and Breast Imaging has around four decades of history specialising in breast and women’s imaging. We are a tertiary referral centre for resolving complex clinical and imaging problems.

With cutting edge ultrasound using the most current optimised equipment and state-of-the art full field digital mammography and 3D-Breast Tomosynthesis, Women’s & Breast Imaging provides a complete service designed to thoroughly meet the needs of our patients and referring doctors. We offer a full range of biopsy services including upright stereotactic biopsy.

WBI is the only clinic in WA and the first in Australia to revolutionise the use of Volpara Breast Density tool to better diagnose the early detection of cancer by considering the breast density of every patient when having mammogram.

Women’s & Breast Imaging is diligent about creating a service that addresses both the patients and the referring physicians need for efficiency, diagnostic precision and convenience.

Why use Women’s & Breast Imaging for referrals?

At Women’s & Breast Imaging we are committed to streamlining the logistics of referring and reporting.

Our practice creates comprehensively detailed reports that contain biopsy pathology in addition to providing advice on the appropriate follow up based on each circumstance.

We have an expansive file archive containing more than 10,000 mammogram and ultrasound images, going back more than a decade. This is a unique service among private practices and is an invaluable tool for the tracking and comparison of abnormalities as well as assisting in determining if an abnormality is long standing and therefore not suspicious.

Our dedicated RIS/PACS digital archive means a patient’s details, images and reports can be immediately accessed by the referring doctor simply by logging into our website. Hard copy laser film printouts are also available upon request.

A fully integrated computer system sends out regular reminders of follow-up appointments and annual check-ups.

There is no need for multiple appointments at different practices when referring to Women’s & Breast Imaging. We provide a complete service and will follow up with additional imaging and biopsy immediately, at the one appointment, should initial imaging indicate the need.

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